Donten ni Warau Character Strap Giveaway (・ω<)★ →


(Because I’m too lazy to make a banner.)


Sorry for the crappy photo “orzzz

Basically, a bunch of straps were ordered as part of a gift for a friend (along with extra/spare straps). Thing is, a batch for myself is also arriving some time next month, which means I am/’ll be…

AFA 2014 anisong line up



but it’s small chance they will play JIBUN WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.


USUK Sticker Set (hopefully)
A6 size
My one eyed english pirate is sexy hee&#8230;

I apologize for being inactive for months. Work taking over my life mostly and I failed to deliver a lot of stuff that I owed.

Therefor I have to mention that I’m not taking any kind of commission anymore until unknown time. I apologize if I disappoint anyone who already took the time to contact me and for missed the mail.

My listed mail is full of junk promo mails, so I probably will move it to gmail soon since they have that option that filter promo and social mails, so I can actually read the important mails.

I have planned several things for this year and will post them when I’m ready.

Until then, thank you for those who keep following me! Cheers!