USUK Sticker Set (hopefully)
A6 size
My one eyed english pirate is sexy hee…

I apologize for being inactive for months. Work taking over my life mostly and I failed to deliver a lot of stuff that I owed.

Therefor I have to mention that I’m not taking any kind of commission anymore until unknown time. I apologize if I disappoint anyone who already took the time to contact me and for missed the mail.

My listed mail is full of junk promo mails, so I probably will move it to gmail soon since they have that option that filter promo and social mails, so I can actually read the important mails.

I have planned several things for this year and will post them when I’m ready.

Until then, thank you for those who keep following me! Cheers!

We’re rushing for comifuro near this end of year. Have a sneak peak of some new stuff that will be available <3