I apologize for being inactive for months. Work taking over my life mostly and I failed to deliver a lot of stuff that I owed.

Therefor I have to mention that I’m not taking any kind of commission anymore until unknown time. I apologize if I disappoint anyone who already took the time to contact me and for missed the mail.

My listed mail is full of junk promo mails, so I probably will move it to gmail soon since they have that option that filter promo and social mails, so I can actually read the important mails.

I have planned several things for this year and will post them when I’m ready.

Until then, thank you for those who keep following me! Cheers!

We’re rushing for comifuro near this end of year. Have a sneak peak of some new stuff that will be available <3



many good things have happened, OMOCAT has grown so much, and my life is forever changed :>

here’s a little thank you to all my followers and supporters!


1) FIRST PRIZE: 1 OMOCAT APPAREL in the size of your choice (while supplies last) new items that may be released this following week are also eligible for the prize

2) SECOND PRIZE: 1 OMOCAT POSTER, PRINT, or BOOK of your choice (while supplies last) new items that may be released this following week are also eligible for the prize

3) THIRD PRIZE: 1 OMOCAT STICKER SET/STICKER or ACCESSORY of your choice (while supplies last) new items that may be released this following week are also eligible for the prize


1) reblog the entire post to enter the giveaway! likes do not count gomen ~_~

2) EDIT: you may only reblog once! multiple reblogs apparently don’t work anymore because tumblr’s new system only shows the most recent reblog. also, no giveaway-only blogs! i’ll be checking >:(

3) i will be choosing 3 winners randomly. i will painstakingly copy-paste each blog name in a random generator, and have the generator pick the winners for me

4) the winner will be chosen this weekend on the midnight of DECEMBER 16th. i will be sending out asks to let you know if you’ve won so please make sure your ask is open! if you do not reply within 24 hrs, i will have to choose another winner!!

5) i will provide free shipping! (yes, even international)

good luck!! once again, thank you all and happy holidays!!!!!

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Finally arrived after delays! Will take better photos later!
Available for international order or local too. 
The SnK keychains are in limited number only.

Asian-Ball-Jointed-Doll Giveaway



Its that time of year again.Since last year’s giveaway was a smashing success, as promised, I’m doing it again! Good luck!

Remember to reblog as text.

The Prize:

  • One lucky Tumblr blogger will receive ONE ABJD (Asian-Ball-Jointed-Doll) from any legitimate company for up to $500 not including shipping.


  • Must be 18 years or older to participate (No exceptions)
  • Basic dolls and limiteds that are still available by the end of the contest are eligible as prizes.
  • You don’t have to follow my blog in order to enter.
  • Only ONE reblog per contestant will be considered in the drawing of this giveaway not likes.
  • Contest ends December 13
  • The winner will be announced via livestream at midnight 
  • The doll will be ordered direct from the company unless in stock by local distributor.
  • Due to the nature of the production of these items dolls usually take to a minimum of a month and over to be completed. The winner will be forwarded any correspondence that I receive from the company.
  • The winner may get extras included with their doll (faceup, wig, eyes, clothes, etc) as long as the total doesn’t exceed $500 and is from the same company.
  • The winner must contact me within 72 hours of notification of winning or gain penalty of automatic forfeit of the prize to the runner up.
  • If the winner decides not to use the complete amount of $500 they forfeit the remaining balance.


  • This giveaway is not associated with Tumblr (including, without limitation, that it isn’t administered, sponsored, or endorsed by Tumblr), and a statement that each person participating is giving information to me and not to Tumblr.
  • I am no way associated with any the ABJD company. Everything provided will come out of my own pocket and the generosity of my heart. 
  • Dolls listed in image are as follows: Iplehouse-Eric, Ringdoll-Crystal, Migidoll-Ell, Souldoll-Maa Ba, Dollzone-Cherry, Dollmore-Suntan Keeley